Why Are Digital Pianos So Practical for Players?

6 January 2020
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Although upright analogue pianos have been popular in Australian homes since the nineteenth century, they are by no means as practical as their modern, digital counterparts. These days, digital pianos offer a great deal more clarity and playability than electric keyboards. If you are considering learning to play the piano or would like to upgrade your current keyboard, then why would you choose one of the many digital pianos now being made rather than an analogue version? Read More 

Two Tips for People Who Have Bought a Piano and Want to Learn How to Play It

30 May 2019
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If you have just purchased a piano and intend to learn how to play it, here is some advice that you might find helpful. Get the piano tuned before you start using it for your practice sessions It is absolutely essential to ensure that you have your new instrument tuned by a piano tuning technician before you begin using it for your practice sessions. You should do this, even if the piano is brand-new, rather than second-hand. Read More 

Tips for Purchasing a Professional Trumpet

11 January 2016
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Many music students look forward to the moment when they will upgrade from using a student-level trumpet to a professional trumpet, like the Bach trumpet. However, some end up with the wrong instrument because they did not take the necessary measures to test different trumpets before selecting the best one for their needs. The many professional trumpets that are in the market are great. However, to get the best one for you, you should shop around to check what you like. Read More 

How to Choose a Grand Piano

15 December 2015
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Like any major purchase, choosing a grand piano can seem a little daunting unless you already have a favourite type or brand.  There are many to choose from and all come with a high quality standard.  So how do you choose one among the many that will be perfect for your home and your musical skills? Piano basics Buying a grand piano may be a big investment but these instruments loose little in the way of depreciation over time and can easily last three or four decades when cared for properly. Read More