Why Buy a Digital Portable Keyboard For Your Child to Learn On?

11 January 2022
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There are plenty of different options you will have if your child is learning the piano and wants to practice. Many people will invest in an upright or even a min-grand piano if they have sufficient space in their home. However, this is not always the best option, especially when children are learning a new instrument. Instead, you may be much better off with a digital keyboard instead. Why? Read on to find out.

Easy to Store

To begin with, a large piano or even a reasonably sophisticated electric organ is not likely to be something you can put away easily. However, with a digital portable keyboard, you can simply pick them up and stand them on one end to stow away in a cupboard or against the wall. This is something that simply cannot be said of larger, analogue instruments. Even if they can be stored, moving them around will often affect the sound and tuning of the instrument. This is not a problem with a digital keyboard, however.

Carry Around

When your child has a portable instrument of any kind, including a keyboard, they will be able to take it back and forth to school with them. They can also take it to their friends' homes to practice with them. Part of the fun of learning the keyboard is jamming with other musicians. Given their lightweight yet robust design, most portable keyboards can withstand being hauled all over the place so long as you have a protective cover for them.

Lower Costs

The bottom line is that most digital portable keyboards are much cheaper than pianos, Hammond organs and other keyboard instruments like harpsichords. For this reason, they are ideal to learn the basic techniques of playing a keyboard before they progress to the more expensive options. After all, many kids will choose to give up playing at some point, so why throw lots of money at an instrument to learn on when you don't have to?

Multiple Sounds

Although some analogue keyboards and synthesizers have a good range of audio options, they will seldom offer the huge array of sounds you will get with a digital portable keyboard. These days, MIDI-controlled keyboards can produce virtually any sound you want to play, from a classical harp to a honky tonk piano. This will allow your child to explore musical timbre in many new and exciting ways without the limitation of a straightforward piano.