Tips for Purchasing a Professional Trumpet

11 January 2016
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Many music students look forward to the moment when they will upgrade from using a student-level trumpet to a professional trumpet, like the Bach trumpet. However, some end up with the wrong instrument because they did not take the necessary measures to test different trumpets before selecting the best one for their needs.

The many professional trumpets that are in the market are great. However, to get the best one for you, you should shop around to check what you like. This article discusses some tips that can help you to select the most appropriate trumpet for your needs.

Go with a Friend

Choose someone who is knowledgeable about trumpets and ask that person to accompany you when you go to test different trumpets. That person will be instrumental in analysing how that trumpet sounds from the perspective of a listener. The musical expertise of that person will point out any imperfections in the way the trumpet sounds as you play it. Your view of how the trumpet feels as you play it will be counterbalanced by the view of your companion. In this way, you will choose a trumpet that feels right and sounds right when you play it.

Have Your Old Trumpet with You

It is very important to have a point of comparison when you want a new instrument. For instance, you can first play your old horn before playing the Bach trumpet that you want to buy. This comparison will give you a real-time idea of how well the new trumpet addresses the shortcomings that prompted you to upgrade to a better trumpet.

Conduct a Detailed Visual Inspection

Look out for dents, finish problems or dings on the surface of the trumpet. Move the valves several times to confirm that they are not very loose. Test the trumpet for leaks. You can do this by putting a rubber ball inside the bell. Thereafter, blow into the horn and wait to feel if there is a pressure drop when you hold your breath. If the pressure inside the horn remains the same, there is no leak. If you feel the pressure reducing, there is a leak. These checks are especially important if you are buying a used instrument.

You will get the best professional trumpet if you have a systematic way of evaluating the different instruments available. The information above can help you in that quest for the best trumpet. To check all your options, consider looking into local music stores, such as The Music Place.